About Dr. Gause

My name is Dr. Alex Gause and my practice exists to provide exceptional dental care to each and every patient that walks through the door. We live this daily through our motto of "Come as you are," so you know you’re always welcome here. Beginning with your first phone call, your dental experience should be comfortable, caring and efficient, and should always result in a final outcome that leaves you feeling happy and healthy. To deliver on this promise, our team focuses on excellence in care through continuous learning, training and the best dental technology available.

We also believe in evidence based care, meaning that we rely on the highest quality science to inform our decision making and treatment recommendations. We emphasize preventive care and help patients improve oral health as a pathway to overall health. We pride ourselves on a comprehensive approach to dentistry so that we can best treat the whole patient, not just your teeth. We invite you to become a part of our family of patients and thank you for the opportunity to have your care in our hands.

Alex Gause, DDS has been recognized as one of the top New York Dentistry practices.
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Alex Gause DDS

133 E 58th Street,

Suite 1201,

New York, NY 10022

Phone. 646-705-5020