At your initial visit we are focused on gaining a clear understanding of your dental health in order to best understand what your dental needs are. We ask that you review our medical and dental history forms prior to your appointment to make your visit run more smoothly. All new patients receive a comprehensive examination that includes an oral cancer screening, an assessment of the health of the teeth and gums, an evaluation of the bite for any functional problems, and a discussion of any esthetic concerns the patient may have.

A full set of x-rays is necessary for complete examination. If you have received a full set of x-rays within the last 3 years we welcome you to bring these records with you to your visit or send them to us electronically. We use digital x-ray technology which minimizes the radiation exposure to the patient while also maximizing the clarity and diagnostic value of the x-ray. The majority of our patients receive a thorough dental cleaning at their initial visit as well. We will take the time to have a thorough discussion of any treatment needs that you may have and give you a clear, understandable treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

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